Monday, March 09, 2009

March Planting Tips!

Turtle Creek has many flowering trees and shrubs for your spring planting. Come see us Monday-Saturday, 9am-5pm. We can help you find the perfect plant for each area of your yard. We also deliver (delivery price based on your zip code). Click here for our Garden Center Price list. We hope to see you soon! Use these March tips to help with your landscaping this month...

Excellent time for garden lectures, seed catalogs, and garden symposiums.

Frost is still a very probable occurrence.

You can plant flowering or shade trees as well as most shrubs, fruit trees, and vines. Begin planting container trees, which should have all roots in the pot. Plant a little higher than the surrounding soil level, but don’t add dirt to the top.

Fall is the best time to plant cool season grasses like fescue. Keep the seed moist (not wet), until it has germinated. Lime your lawn if you haven’t this past year using 50 lb. Per 1000 sq. ft.

Put out crab grass preventer and preemergent weed control on the front lawn. Fertilize cool season lawns with a slow release fertilizer. Do not use a weed product if you are seeding.

Start seeds inside for annual flowers or garden vegetables. Require good light. They can go outside for warm days, not nights, after they germinate.

Fertilize evergreen shrubs now. Prune evergreen shrubs. Even heavy pruning is okay.

Work the soil for flowers and vegetable beds only when it is not too wet so they will be ready to plant in April. Add humus to break clay and make soil more pliable.

Plant cool season vegetables like broccoli and cabbage. You can plant perennial flowers now too.

Mow your lawn for the first time of the spring to get the winter debris off the grass and even it up. Fescue should be mowed 3 inches high. Clean and sharpen blades on the lawnmower.

Begin to spray fruit trees with a Fruit Tree Spray as soon as the petals start to drop. Clean up under Camellias as they bloom. Dead flowers can spread disease to new blooms.